About Us

44 years ago in 1973, I embarked on a journey to understand the human problem and to provide the solution for world peace. I have since, produced many life-transforming products including the Growing the Empowered Child Program. Today, I am ready to move the world to the peace it desires with the launching of The Peace ManualIn this manual I have detailed the three things we need to give attention to for world peace.

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals located in Africa and in America who believe in the vision and the possibility of World Peace in our life time and are dedicated to the creation of the tools to make World Peace happen. We invite you to dream this possibility with us and be part of the campaign movement for World Peace.

What We DO

We address the fundamental issues that militate against World Peace and offer the needed solutions to it. This site is a repository for Life Tools for peace. It provides the needed knowledge for the campaign for the creation of the culture of peace.

The problems that militate against world peace have nothing to do with racial discrimination. It is neither tribalism nor any of the isms of socialism and capitalism. It is something more fundamental than this.

We can all imagine what an angry person can do? The First World War was fought by angry people with conventional weapons of mass destruction that took the lives of over 18 million deaths and 23 million wounded. The second world war was fought by angry people and one party introduced a level of atomic weapons and that war took the lives of over 80 million people. Today, many nations have atomic weapons and if they should all get angry, our world will be destroyed.

If we continue the way we are going, we are going to experience the pain and the doom that we are creating. Frustration is on the increase. Who can imagine twenty years ago that a mother will strap herself with bombs and go into a group to detonate it to kill herself and many others? All these can be reversed very swiftly if we can just change our focus. The solution is right here with us if you will say “yes!” At the press of a button, we can change the course of the thinking that is birthing the frustration. The possibilities are here with you now!

Consider that will all of the pursuits of peace, we do not have a global vision for world peace. The Peace Manual provides the three things needed for us to experience world peace.

If power is defined by your ability to do acrobatics in the air and drop fire on the ground to destroy humanity, then we are wrong. A new definition of power is with us now that we can speak the word of love, hope and truth to the soul of humanity so that we can increase the joy ratio of humanity. That is power. Let us create the true superpower nations.

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