Planetary Liberation Day Programs

What is the Planetary Liberation Day

The third Saturday in September of every year is ear-marked for the observance of Planetary Liberation Day – a public awareness creation and educational program focusing on the new concept for attaining world peace. It was promulgated in September 2001 after the September 11 bombing of the Twin Towers in the USA, in which our leader, Brother Ishmael Tetteh had to play a great role in consoling, comforting and reassuring several Americans on the possibility of world peace. Planetary Liberation Day addresses the fundamental issues that militate against peace and provides the needed tools to its resolutions.

Our concept focuses on creating peace through the conscious building of the culture of peace. Peace is not the absence of war nor the quiet of the graveyard; and for the world to have peace it must have peaceful people whose natural disposition engenders a peaceful planet. The concept takes the responsibility for peace off the shoulders of international negotiations and agreements and places it on the individual. At the center of this new concept is the individual whose actions or inactions either overtly or covertly generates conflict situations in homes, offices, governments, the nation as a whole and ultimately the international arena. If we are aware that the angry child that we nurture today becomes the angry adult acting in various decision making capacities to bring about war and conflict we would be more cautious in handling our children right from conception. Thus we need to promote peace through the promotion of a culture of peace. The thrust of this concept is towards achieving the following

  • Growing peace internally and extending it to external conditions or people
  • Nurturing of the individual as an agency of peace
  • Shifting from the persuasive method of attaining peace to the cultivation of peace at the individual level. The concept prescribes peace not as an event but as a culture.

We often think of peace as an event to happen to us, instead of a process to cultivate and grow. Signing peace treaties are futile if the people involved are angry and have hidden fears. A peace treaty is a time bomb when signed by angry people soaked in fear.

The culture of peace requires the following:

  • Nurturing peace from within us to the outside world.
  • Focusing on the individual as an agency for peace.
  • Nursing peace from the cradle.
  • Birthing peace into the world as opposed to expecting peace to come from outside us and shifting from the use of force and persuasive methods to the conscious cultivation of peace.

The Quest for Peace is a natural one.

Deep within, we know what peace feels, tastes, sounds, looks and smell like. If we listen to this place within our souls, we shall be directed. There is an internal knowingness within the plant that directs its roots to water and its leaves towards sunlight. If you were for example to plant a tree in a controlled environment where the light comes from only one side, its leaves will intelligently move towards the direction of the light and its roots towards the water.

Though the sheep does not have meteorological equipment to predict the weather, this same intelligent knowingness makes the sheep grow more wool on the body if the coming winter would be severe. This same knowingness directs birds to fly thousands of miles without navigation equipment from dangerous weather conditions to more comfortable ones.

Man, according to Jesus, is much, much more than four the cost of four birds. It is natural to say that the being called man must possess a greater degree of this knowingness and all that is needed is to make time to listen to the world of peace we know within and verbalize them. It is good for God to know the world He/She wanted to create, but when God verbalized it, creation started to unfold.

We are tempted to focus on and describe the world of crime, conflict, wars and confusions that are out-pictured to us from our environment and from the media. We are always re-describing the world of pain and misery and since the spoken word is creative, we are crystallizing the evils we describe.

The practice was for us to make time to describe the world of beauty and love and laughter that you know and feel within you. Make time to go to this place within your soul and enjoy the peace which passes all human understanding.

Peace Programs

The Planetary Liberation Day programs have since cycled around the Core Fundamental issues include:

  • Growing the Empowered Child: A formula for World Peace
  • Inter-Political Harmony: The Road to World Peace
  • Inter-Religious Harmony: The Road to World Peace
  • Recreating the Family: A Road Map to World Peace
  • Essential Life Education

Do you know this:

When your child comes from the room in any of the parents clothing and you acknowledge the child with joy and acceptance, you have installed self-negation in the child. This is because, the sperm and the ovum that formed the child could last for only three days; and in the womb, they lasted close to 300 days to form the child. That means that the child had lived in the womb for 100 lifetimes feeling the feeling of the one (mother). Out from the mother, it is seeking that sense of oneness and believes that by being mummy, daddy or that caregiver he or she would be noticed; and when you did, the child now believes that “I am noticed as belonging to when I am somebody else.” Since then, you live trying to be like somebody else to be accepted.

Before age 12, when you praise a child by saying, “Your dress, toy or shoes are nice,” you have caused great harm to the child. This is because the child now believes that his or her values are measured by what they have and be chasing material things for fulfillment to the neglect of inner satisfaction. What you could say is, “You are nice in your dress or shoes.” This puts the emphasis on the child and not his or her possessions.

The above two scenarios are not known by the very large majority and that tells us that we need to learn Nature’s ways of raising children.

The Growing The Empowered Child program holds great promise and has a wonderful bait: every parent wants his or her child to grow up empowered and that is the child who is happy, confident, creative and responsible and with a drive for excellence. We also want to see a world of peace and tranquility in which each child’s full potential can develop and be celebrated by all. Looking at the news of wars and the rumors of wars, espionage, assassination, terrorism and so forth, that the world arena represents today, we realize that we are far from reaching this utopia.

Three things are the causes of child disempowerment and they are: Fear, Anger and loss of individual sense of uniqueness. Common knowledge should tell us that it is fear and anger that rob a child of his or her God given confidence and happiness. Deadlier than AIDS and Cancer and cancer are Anger and Fear. These three forces have been man’s ancient enemies. Fear is the restriction you put on yourself; anger is the restriction you seek to put on others. Loss of the sense of uniqueness is the loss of right motive for vision and drive. Fear and anger, and loss of the sense of uniqueness are the main cause of wars, confusion and destruction on the planet. For so long as these three forces prevail on the planet, universal peace will continue to be a mere dream. The angry child you grow today will grow into the angry warlord adult tomorrow. It all starts from what input adults receive when they were children. This is because, children spends the rest of his life trying to offload the baggage of their anger, and fear and low self-value unto the outside world as a way of dealing with them.

The bait is, when adults focus on Growing the Empowered Child, the child who is filled with love, peace, vision and true power, they will in themselves embody the principles of peace..

Imagine in 25 years from now, we have a world of youngsters without fear or anger, and who are aware of, and celebrate their uniqueness. That is a world of Peace and we can start growing it now. Such a world of empowered youngsters will generate a purifying energy that will purify the minds of the elderly and will certainly manifest the finished kingdom of God. Together, we can make the Heaven we have dreamt happen, here and now.

Handling the Fundamental Issue

The fundamental issue is fear, anger and lack of our ability to discover and celebrate our uniqueness and differences. These fundamental needs have not been addressed Until we become aware of these three forces negatively motivating the human race over the entire history of its existence, we  will continue to be faced with the challenges of self-destruction, mass genocide, and all the basic human evils which militate against the attainment of the true peace on the world arena. Do not be deceived by the world and its apparent sophisticated machinery for operating these fundamental forces. The bottom line is that man is as barbaric as he has always been held captive and propelled by his self-created forces of fear and anger, and inability to discover and celebrate our uniqueness. Man has only become more sophisticated in how he expresses these weaknesses.

In the earlier days of man’s evolution, he expresses anger and fear by shouting, probably, barking like a dog. This developed into the use of clubs, then stones, bows and arrows; then spears, swords, then to guns, bombs and today’s array of sophisticated, air, sea and land precision bombings and the threat of nuclear war. Fundamentally, man has not changed; he has only changed how he operates the machinery of fear and anger, and lack of self-awareness. Tyrannies, dictatorships, nations invading other nations for economic gains or for show of force are all different angles of the same pictures of fear and anger. Nothing has changed. Man still fights and bullies his or her family members, robs one another, is hoarding for fear of future lack. Nations are plundering other nations for the purposes of subjugation, annexation, exploitation even within regime of international accords, peace treaties, conventions etc. Noting seems to be working simply because the root cause of the problem remains untouched. All efforts so far made have merely served the purpose of obfuscating the real issue and perhaps provided a placebo effect and to plunge man further in the self-deceit of essaying to tackle the problem without getting to its real source.  At group and national levels, we even have organized profession to support fear and anger. When a man enters into the military, he or she is in an institution where you master how to fight with the sophisticated weapons to serve the agenda of fear and anger. For how long are we going to be dancing round the problem when its solution keeps staring at us in the face? It is sad when one watches desperate political leaders and their representatives striving to negotiate peace and understanding between their nations and other nations when one knows that in spite of their sincerity and determination the peace objective remains only a mirage. It is predictable in the midst of the opening of the victory Champaign and other victory symbols that the celebrated peace is destined to collapse because one knows that it lacks the ingredients to make it stand the test of time.  We have developed immensely in science and technology but fundamentally we are the same, driven by the forces of fear, anger and further blinded to our uniqueness and complementary differences. The developed science and technology is therefore, directed towards the destruction of its creators. This is not civilization; it is madness.

The Peace Call

Peace may be defined as a state of Spiritual, Social, Financial, Psychological and Physiological well-being. For example, you are not at peace when you do not know what you are as a spiritual being living in a body; you are not at peace when undesirable thoughts and feelings flood through you; you are not at peace when the body is ill or degenerating; you are not at peace when the relationship between you and others are chaotic and you are not at peace when you do not have enough income or resources to support and sustain you.

Peace is a global call and many world religious and social philosophers have provided ample information on peace such that it would be a repetition to add my voice to the call for peace. Further in the pursuit of peace, we have enacted laws and regulations and provided rules and guidelines yet man is far from this utopia. Our prayers have not succeeded in bring peace and no amount of human laws passed can bring peace.

The first message of Jesus to the disciples after his resurrection was ‘peace be unto you.’ The great prophet, Mohammed (PBUH) after the last Jihad (Holy War), said to his followers, and I paraphrase “we have now finished with the lesser Jihad; now is the time to do the greater Jihad, which is to wage war on our vain passions, desires, emotions and unholy thoughts.

Ever since the advocate of these two world teachers for peace, which in fact, were re-confirmation of what earlier teachers and prophets have taught, mankind has made many prayers, paid priests and prophets, built churches, mosques, and temples and performed all forms of ablutions and penances, yet peace is as elusive as it has ever been.

Whenever the world faces a catastrophe, mankind come together to deliberate on peace. Efforts for peace after the catastrophic First World War, resulted in the formation of the League of Nations and with the Second World War, the world came together to form the United Nations. Recent events of war and genocide and regular reports of crimes such as rape, murder, burglary and other white collar crimes such as bribery and corruption tell us that we are still far from peace.

If we can embrace the “Peace be unto you” that Jesus blessed as an internal revelation; if we can heed to the directives of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and study our passions, emotions and thinking patterns, so that we can truthfully win the war against the weaknesses that spring from them, we certainly would be on the road to true peace. The essence of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) message is for us to start peace as an individual experience. Peace will not come to us, we have to work at it.

Arjuna, in the Baghavad Gita (the Holy Book of the Hindu’s) asked his spiritual teacher, Krishna “what is it that compels a man as though against his will to commit a crime or do evil”? All internal and external conflicts and wars are painful, objectionable, and repulsive evil. Yet in spite of all the efforts of mankind so far, these evils are still living with us.

It is then clear that we are not applying the principles for peace the way they should be or we have not identified the principles. We have beautiful and powerful philosophies but the question is How to go about it?

What Is Fear?

Fear is the restriction we put on ourselves and it comes in various shades, some of which are: Dread; doubt; apprehension; over caution; shyness; public fright; suspicion; panic, worry; anxiety, scepticism, scare, nervousness; cowardice.

Others are, Fear of public speaking; Fear of loosing a loved one; Fear of starting a relationship; Fear of ending a relationship; Fear of being alone; Fear of starting a job; Fear of changing jobs; Fear of aging; Fear of travelling on aircraft; Fear of asserting yourself; Fear of changes; Fear of success and its responsibilities; Fear of living; Fear of dying; Fear of natural disasters; Fear of gaining weight; Fear of retirement; Fear of lifting the phone; Fear of children leaving home; Fear of illness;  Fear of hell and the devil; Fear of angels and heaven. The list is endless.

Fear blinds you to opportunities, it puts you out of control, it causes diseases, ruin relationships and halts you from experiencing any good. The law of the mind is that, it attracts and merges with whatever you focus on. Fear is the opposite of faith. While faith draws the good you focus on to you, fear draws the evil to you. Fear always presupposes that some evil is against you. Fear restricts you, and destroys all or the greater part of your creativity.

What Is Anger?

Anger is the force for us to put restriction on other people and it comes in various shades, some of which are: Attack; aggression, argumentative; defiance; filled with hatred; annoyance; fury, resentfulness; rudeness; spiteful, revenge/vengeance; viciousness; violence; fierce; demanding, rebellious; impatient; mean; jealousy.

Anger destroys creativity and throws reason out of the window.  To some degree, big or small, you are unreasonable when you are angry.  What would upset you might have been innocently done so it is you who gets that label of being unjust, frustrated, depressed or unreasonable while the one who caused you the anger walks away self-righteous.  Anger can reduce you to a mere animal.

Anger places you under the control of the person or whatever you are allowing to upset you.  In order to control you, people will intentionally wrestle your power from you by making you angry and reacting to their cruel thoughts, feelings and actions. Anger means you are out of control.

Anger causes illnesses such as heart attacks, depressions, loss of focus and resulting in failure, helplessness and frustration. You manifest the cruelty of those who offend you or ruin your day.

It should be noted that the fear and anger we have today have their foundations in the fear and anger we cultivated from childhood. Over reaction for example, is the release of stored and current anger in handling present events.

Unawareness of the Uniqueness of the Individual

As children grow, they see value placed on the things in their environment than on themselves. For example, they are told how nice their dress is instead of how nice they look in the dress. The child’s value then, is for the dress instead of himself. Soon he loses the awareness of what unique values he possesses. As they grow, this loss of value of individual uniqueness breeds negative competition, loss of self-value, and loss of respect for self and for others.

When a person identifies his or her uniqueness…

  • He or she loses the sense of negative competition which leads to conflict and war.
  • He or she sees and celebrates the uniqueness of others and discovers how that complements his or hers. This breeds respect for self and for others.
  • He or she develops a sense of self-value and worth which empowers him or her to positive achievements.

Often people lose touch with themselves and want to be something other than what they truly are because they fail to identify what makes them unique. When people identify how unique they are, and they pay great attention to magnify it in such a way that they would feel good about themselves then they can begin to add value to their lives and to Life. Jealousy, hatred and envy come as a result of people not discovering what unique qualities they possess. There is therefore a struggle to be like somebody else. But this struggle becomes an endless cycle in the sense that there cannot be two of you neither can there be two of someone else.

Every person is created differently and is in life to play a unique role. The moment you do not appreciate what you are, an internal conflict arises. It is this internal conflict which generates into family conflict and eventually national and international conflict and war breaks out. Every problem in life can be traced to these three things: anger, fear and inability to identify our uniqueness.

You would agree that if all people were like you in physical features, thinking style, dress sense, emotional qualities, then when you feel like talking all others will naturally talk and similarly when you feel like eating, sleeping, etc. Consider how boring it will be. The world is sweet because we all do these things with our individual uniqueness.

Though I write this due to the political climate in Ghana, its message is for the entire world.

Politics is the harnessing of the innate resources of a people for the good of all. Religion is the tuning of the attention of humanity to the One Source that enables us to unleash our human potentials. In essence, therefore, both politics and religion seek the good of humanity. Paradoxically, religion and politics champion almost all of the conflicts in the world.

Most of the wars, conflicts and genocides fought in the world are to satisfy political ambitions or to fulfill religious fanaticism. The events in the Middle East and Far East, Rwanda, Somalia and the activities of Boko Haram in  neighboring Nigeria are current evidences to this. Political turbulence has engulfed many African countries including Kenya, Congo DR as well as our Western neighbors, Cote d’Ivoire.

Many Ghanaians as well as foreign nationals domiciled in this country have made several calls to our politicians and the Ghanaian electorate for a peaceful election.

I believe that the path to lasting peace and progress in Ghana requires three things, which are.

  1. Setting up a National Agenda
  2. Creating a National Character
  3. Educating the Electorate

Setting up a National Agenda

Setting up a National Agenda that all political parties especially, and religious bodies in particular will respond to. A National Agenda will clearly define the vision of where we are going and when we should be getting there. If you do not know where you are going, you will arrive nowhere.

The National Agenda will also determine what we want to develop or evolve into, as a people. It will thus establish the needed social and spiritual education that will create the required manpower for its realization. When such a National Agenda is set, political parties and religious bodies will be compelled to focus on what processes they have to pursue for the realization of this National Agenda.

Create a National Character

To have a meaningful National Agenda we need to set up a national ‘Think Tank’ made up of seasoned politicians, scientists, ministers of God and civil society to identify or determine what the National Character of Ghana is and what we must do to sustain it. We will also need to identify what characteristics honors all Ghanaians and what should be done to create it. Character is very important because it determines the attitudes required for success.

Presently, manifestos of political parties, are literarily saying the same things in different ways in order to please their followers, but which may not necessarily be for the ultimate good of the nation. Many of these manifestos come with vain and unachievable promises.

When all political parties are focused on ways to achieve a common National Agenda and ways to enhance our National Character, they will have little time for insults and counter insults; there will be little space for vain promises or irritating policies that only impress a section of the populace. We will have identifiable national  goals that  political parties will work  towards in order to foster peace.

The ‘devil’ they say finds work for idle hands and there is too much space for mental and emotional idling in our political and religious set-up. Political parties that refrain from insults and fault-finding and focus on principles and honorable goals, supported by religious bodies with positive and effective prayer, are bound to create the experience of individual harmony and social cohesion that will eventually lead to Peace in our World.

Educating the Electorate

Elections are largely based on ethnic, tribal and sentimental affiliations and this deepens divisiveness. There is the need to educate the electorate on the long term effects of choosing a wrong government based on ethnic, tribal and sentimental affiliations; how to assess the performance of government and  how to make right choice of governance.

A persistently  bad governance system based on ethnic, tribal and sentimental affiliations can deeply offend well-meaning citizens and may generate conflicts or war.

The Political Goal

The Voice of Ghana says, “If you truly want to help me then you must cherish all those who also want to help me unless you have an ulterior motive in your offer to help me.”

Every political party wants to bring some good to this nation and must, therefore, cherish the other political parties that seek to work for the same cause. Political parties whose campaign programs do not cherish the others must be seen to have ulterior motives; possibly there is an opportunity for them to amass wealth for their selfish ends.

“If you want to help me, then there must be no need for you to hate another who wants to do the same for me and I must be given the freedom to make my choice and if it does not work for me, I will come to you as an option. When you hate those who I have chosen to help me means that you have made me your enemy and I will have difficulty coming to you if I need to”.

The electorate must chose based on political parties that demonstrate that they know the problem of the nation and have the plans for their solutions.

Taking Politics to the Politicians

The government is not a person so, whatever it promises to give to you, it has already taken away from you (in the form of taxes) or intends to take from you as taxes. It may otherwise, borrow and leave a huge debt for you, your children and grandchildren to service.

The question from the electorate to the politicians must be, “In what ways do you get these resources from me and to give to me? In what ways do you enable me to be more for the collective good of the community?”

We must demand of the politicians what plans they have to make us resourceful people and not what they can give us. Whatever they can do for us can only be done through us and with us. What is important is to know their formulas for doing it. And if they mean it for our good then they must not have problem sharing it for all to know.

To develop any person or group of persons for a nobler tomorrow requires that you give them the vision of that future and develop their mind set and skills for it.

True Politicians must provide two things:

  1. A clear vision of the world they want us to experience in the future.
  2. A program that will develop the needed mind-set that will take us there.

Education for Choosing Political Leaders

Often people choose their government based on ethnic, religious, gender and sentimental reasons. Ethnic choices are based on tribe or close affiliation to your tribe or community. Religious, because the leader belongs to your faith; gender, because the person is a man or woman and you have your gender stereotype. Finally, sentimental, because you like or dislike somebody in the party, or have suffered some pain or good from the party or its party member in the past.

All the above grounds are dangerous mindsets for choosing our leaders and if not corrected will allow the electorate to be manipulated. Based on your mindset, politicians will know what to say to manipulate you. There are others who hold entrenched positions on their respective political parties; when they are for this or that party,  they belong to the party for life and that speaks of the disease of mental stagnation which needs to be corrected with the right education. We need to know how to choose based on the values of the time.

Side by side with the political campaign or long preceding it must be education to the electorate on how to choose political leaders based on values.

A useful question is “What do I value and why and who has the machinery to deliver?” A friend of mine said to me that for national health reasons, he values sanitation and will be looking out for the leaders who have the intellectual and human machinery to give us clean cities and the evidence that this is done is that the Korle Lagoon is dredged and sanitized. So, the question to you is, what do you value?

What we, the electorate must do is to vet the knowledge systems of the political parties to see what mental and physical resources they have to deliver; and who they have to run the affairs of the state. Politics is harnessing the collective good of all and managing it for the good of all.

Politics they say is a dirty game and if it so then we are here in life to sanitize it because there is politics in everybody’s life, from the home, to the office and in the church.

Political Partnership

Politicians need to change their thinking system and see themselves as political partners for development and embrace themselves as such. We hail and accept our developing partners and do not reject any of them who want to work to enhance a specific area of our lives. When the needs in an area of our lives are already met, developing partners look for other areas to develop and they appreciate themselves. The development of one area of our lives enables us to develop other areas; hence, every development partner cherishes the efforts of the other.

We need to see politicians in their campaign platforms referring to themselves as political partners in development and not as opponents. Opponent is an enemy or adversary and we need to change that mindset. They must be heard hailing the good they see in their political partners and showing what other advantages their programs offer.

We fight over what we want to have to satisfy our selfishness and we do not fight over what we want to give. We fight over what we want to take and not over what we want to give. Anyone who fights is having an ulterior motive to take away from the people.

The No Confidence Option

Sometimes when the electorate does not see any political party worthy of the task, they are compelled to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. An option could be provided where the electorate vote for the “No Confidence Option”, and when more than an agreed percentage vote for that option, the whole election is declared void and an interim government holds the fort for a period of reassessment.

God intends a world Family. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1.

If peace must happen, it must start from the individual to the family. The family provides the environment for the cultivation of healthy individuals.

The family is the unit block of the society. Its breakdown is the breakdown of the society; its strength is the strength of the society. If we want lasting peace, we must address what can heal the fragmentation of the family.

The pristine African family system holds within it what would have been the model for world peace. Due to many factors, this system is ignored. Is it possible to identify what gems are left in this system to see how to use them as ingredients for world peace, if not to reclaim these altogether?

The Pristine African Family

The unadulterated African family went beyond the nucleus and extended family. The family was constituted of the entire community. They lived with a culture that protected the integrity of the entire community. The error of one person was seen as the error of the entire community and the community rose to correct it.  From the name of a person you could trace where he or she came from and a disgrace of him was a disgrace to the entire family or community. The community worked to protect its members. Childcare was the responsibility of the entire community.

People lived with a clear sense of responsibility for one another and for the community. Night times were opportunities for gathering and for the integration of the family through activities like storytelling and dancing. There were no cousins, half-brothers, half-sisters or step fathers etc. Your father’s sister was considered your ‘father’ (siwaa). House helps and tenants were integrated into the family

Marriages were natural ingredients for consolidating family unity. They were not contracted just by the man and woman. Marriages brought four families together that is the maternal and paternal families of both parties entering into the marriage. Before marriage the families of both the man and the woman would send spies to investigate the family character of the ‘would be’ in-laws or the community they came from. The premium was on untainted character. They cherished honesty and truthfulness and the pooling together of resources.

They respected their ancestors and what they stood for. Your character is what makes you a family member.

In this culture, orphans were not orphaned and the family took responsibility for the honorable burial of the dead.

Ceremonies, rituals and festivals were revered institutions for fostering family unity. Rituals like ‘Dipo’ were a means of preserving the chastity of the youth until they reached maturity. These and many other cultural practices and festivals encouraged unity which is the key to world peace.

Without the support derived from this type of family system, many educated people would not have been where they are today. Our road to world peace is with the growth of the family.

How We Lost Paradise

Unfortunately, we lost this Eden, a potential model for world peace to ‘civilization’. In colonial times, a school going child was placed in the boarding or missionary house, far removed from the community and trained. When the child returned, he was a new cultural being.

Role of Churches

In many communities today, the Churches have taken over the role of the family. For example, many people outdoor and name their children in the church; festivals are considered evil and funeral services are run by the church. The role of Elders as arbitrators is lost to church priests. Family and cultural beliefs or values are regarded as evil. The old, who were formerly revered and whose wisdom was sought after are now in many cases regarded as witches and wizards. Our elders die without imparting to us their invaluable wisdom and knowledge of herbs etc. owing to our disinterest and scorn. The general thrust of contemporary religious persuasion in Africa is that we need to be saved from the evil of our culture. As a result, people reject family meetings and festivals like Homowo, Odwira, Hogbetsotso that unite the family. In some homes children have lost respect for their parents because they are not ‘Christians.’


Our ancestors used taboos to keep the community together. So strong was the adherence to these in-built control systems that if you were to drop your money you would return to the place you dropped it and find it. Modern religions have destroyed these systems and not replaced them with any other that would restore or maintain their ethical values.

Economic Pursuits

Economic hardships have put stress on many. Many have to abandon their children in their own homes in pursuit of dear daily bread. Those who ‘have’ are still gripped in the glamour trap and as such continue to look for money. Stress causes parents to fight using insults and abusive language on each other resulting in loss of respect and broken homes.

The Multimedia Challenge

Another major destroyer of our community is the use of vulgar language on the air waves. The music or movie sells if it is overtly or covertly about sex. The internet is plagued with pornography. If this is civilization, then we need to rethink.

Raising the Ideal Family

By the ideal African standards, a child is not only the ones you gave birth to; but all who came into the orbit of your parenting. The primary need is the togetherness of the father and mother as resources for the family.

Who is a Father?    He is not necessarily the sperm donor. There are sperm donors and there are fathers. A father is the one who protects the spiritual and material potentialities of members of the family. He identifies the capabilities of each family member and creates an environment for the free expression of these capabilities without injury to anyone. He makes his mind a resource for the family members to use as a library or as extension of their mind.

Who is a Mother?  She is not just the donor of ovum. A mother is the one who identifies the potentialities of the members of the family and nurtures them into fruition. She chooses positive feelings and shows the family how to do the same. A shark must not bleed when hurt, otherwise, other sharks will devour it. Similarly, a hurt person must know how to carry his or her feelings so that it does not attract the animosity or estrangement of those in his or her environment.

It is when fathers and mothers discover their mental and emotional roles respectively that an ideal family is raised.

An important requirement for a successful business is that it must have a vision and mission statement. Similarly, the primary drive of a successful family is that it must have an identified family character that is honored by all members of the family. The family character must embody the collective vision of its members.

A Road Map to World Peace

Fortunately, we have not lost all the gems our forefathers upheld for family unity and world peace. We can Identify and uphold cultural values that unite families. We must encourage family reunions and visit to family home towns. Parents should inculcate family values in their wards.

There is the need for cultural education (of Ghana) as part of our educational system and the encouragement of people to participate in cultural festivals and family functions.

I sincerely suggest the establishment of a National Culture Day. We have many Christian and Islamic holidays. To deny the Ghanaian the same is an insult to our dignity as a people.

The way to consolidate the family is for every family to have a Family Character. The creation of Family Character must be taught in schools at all levels. Teaching our youth how to raise an Ideal Family is a most urgent need. The family outlives our professions. We teach people great careers but there is no systematic teaching on marriage or raising a family. Everyone is expected to know automatically; it does not work that way. Marriage and family creation work when we work at it.

From Family Character, we may grow into the development of State Character. Who is a Ghanaian, for example, must not speak of political rights only. It must address characteristics that constitute the nature of a Ghanaian.

Churches should teach their members to focus on good and not evil because what you focus on is what manifests for you. Branding of elders as witches and wizards for any reason is unethical, and is against the very precepts of Christianity or Islam which we profess.

Technological civilization is a major cause for split in families. Technology is not evil in itself; it is the use we put it to. We can use technologies like the internet for creating and reuniting families. We can for example create family websites and Internet User Forums. An adage in Ga states that ‘families are not gotten but created.’ This implies that we can integrate others into our biological families.

Our musicians must create music that educates and also honors genuine achievements.

We all know what is right, but if we do not focus on what is right, then what is wrong will take over. We can recreate the family based on the principles of the pristine African Family values and this will guarantee the peace we crave for.

How to Create the Family Character

Together with all members of the family, identify what the family must be known for.

Have periodic meetings and let everyone show how/what he/she is doing to fulfill the family vision.

The Fundamental Religious Issue

Man is either sense driven and led or Spirit driven and led.

Driven and led by the senses, we see differences that lead to the sense of separation and produces segregations. For example, we see differences in skin color that leads to racism and the caste system; we hear us speak different languages and have different preferences for music that divides us into tribes; we have different choices for tastes of food and clothing and the list goes on. All these come together to group us into varying cultures, religions and clubs. You cannot convince the sense of taste that the tomato and the pepper are the same because they both have red color and you cannot tell the sense of sight that the White man and the Black man are the same. Thus, sense driven and led, we are bound to see differences that may lead to separations and segregations that also lead to the many evils of conflicts, confusions and wars.

The fundamental problem that needs to be addressed is the apparent falsehood of a sense-driven world.

Religion, sourced from the Latin, Re-ligare, means to bind, bond, yoke, unite or bring together and it is meant to give us the spiritual vision of things that will make us see and feel the unity thread that runs through the multi-coloured beads. Unfortunately, religion has become the breeding grounds for the worst evil for humanity, blinded by the senses and passionately promoting segregation.

Religion presented us with a God, One God, and all religious sects have the same definition for God as the Ultimate Reality and creator of the heavens and the earth; manifester of the seen and the unseen. Yet, all of religious teachings and practices are about promoting differences, segregations, conflicts and wars and in the name of this God and for God, they maim, kill, and destroy one another.

Each religion makes an exclusive right and access to its God and condemns all others; and are prepared, in the name of their God, to kill you for God.

The Big Religious Lie

Religious evil starts with the Big lie that states, “This is the only way.”

The greatest lie that is causing the greatest evil to humanity is the greatest religious fallacy of an only way to God.

There is never an only way to the attainment of anything under the sun, and in fact, no one walks the same road to any destination.

The old adage states that, “There are several ways of killing a cat still holds.”

No two siblings can approach their parents in the same way. How then can we all worship God the Supreme Parent in the same way?

This monstrous lie has been responsible for more than 90% of all the wars that have befallen humanity.

Now we know the cause and the cure is in your hands. And knowing it makes it your responsibility to do something positive about it.

The Fundamental Solution

Segregation is not only from religion. We have tribal and racial segregations with their evils. The real solution, therefore, must be to address the fundamental problem which is, “Sense mindedness”.  (ELED to the rescue).

The senses need schooling to acquire spiritual vision that will convince the senses of the ever-existing oneness. Until the senses agree with Oneness, this problem will remain an eternal evil.

Spiritual Vision

Spiritual vision is Nature’s vision and enables us to see the One Life that sustains all of different aspects of life.

Though the air is different from the earth in substance and nature and the earth is different from the water in substance and nature; and the water is different from the sunlight in substance and nature, the sunlight is different in nature from the air; in fact, Each of these elements is totally different from the other, yet, the four must bond together for Life to be. They must bond in oneness, seeing their reflections in each other for life to exist on earth.

The reason for the seeming differences is to make life possible.

Evidences of Oneness

The Senses work by what is evidential to them and it is easy to provide these.

If the world is serious about peace, it should be possible hire psychologist, anthropologists and sociologist to create stories of oneness that will school the senses of the upcoming youths.  These may be made available as computer and mobile App games.

Evidences of Oneness

We are one: We drink the same water. The water that I released from my body that rose up as clouds is the same water that rained on your land. We are drinking each other’s urines, sweats and spittle daily; we are one.

We are one: We eat from the same bowl of Mother Nature and in fact, the yam or potato you eat may come from the same village where mine comes from.

We are one: We have different shapes of noses, yet we breathe in the same air. And the air that you are breathing now may be coming from the nostrils of people of other tribes, races, religious creeds such as the Moslem, Hindu or Traditionalist or political divide. Any condemnation based on the perception of the senses is like condemning a person because his nose is different from yours.

We are one: The One light of the sun contains the spectrum of different infinite colours.

We are one: We Are One! And for this Jesus prayed, “… that they may be one, even as we are one.” John 17:22. And the ray of light that is shining on you now is the one that was shining on the person of the other race, religious creed or culture moments ago; and this is because the earth is rotating making us share the one sun. The One sun shines upon all of humanity.

We are one: The Organs in the body are different yet one. We need the differences to create life. The heart alone or the brain alone cannot form a body. Bible says, “For as the body is one, and has many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.” 1Cor. 12:12.

You cannot escape from the unity but you can be unconscious of it and lose energy and power.


In His or Her infinite wisdom, God graciously gave us variety and diversity for our eternal celebration. Instead we treat the gracious varieties and diversities in culture, religion, race and creeds as reasons for our eternal destruction.

For so long as we have different physical features, think and feel differently, we shall have different religions and no two people can worship in the same way. Therefore, if you want to find reasons for segregation, you will have 7 billion of them.

Going Forward

Fundamental problems need tools that will address them fundamentally. What we need is the Education of the Senses and a Truth and Reconciliation Program.

What we need is a Nature-based education that will make us acquire Nature’s vision of Oneness. It must become a national and International campaign. It must be encouraged to be put into various types of music and be a part of every culture.

In the drive of one religion to convert the other into its belief, the world has experienced many cross-religious abuses. Under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, America with mainly Christian countries, invaded Iraq. They did not find any weapons of mass destruction and there had been no apology for that invasion. Instead, their president, Saddam Hussein, was arrested, tried in Iraq under the Allied Forces occupation and killed. The Arab world sees the invasion of America and the allied forces as the invasion by Christianity.

That is not the first of such invasions. The world has experienced several invasions by the Islamic world. Through relentless Jihad, Southern Europe, the Middle East and the whole of North Africa were conquered and converted. To fanatical Moslems their present struggle is still a Jihad. And there had been many Christian invasions too.

The world urgently needs Religious Truth and Reconciliation works that will enable all religions to own up to their atrocities and to render apologies.

Etherean Mission: We Are One

God graciously gave us variety and diversity for our eternal celebrations. And we graciously use them for our eternal destructions.

Nature teaches that we have different shapes of noses yet we breathe the same air; the one ray of light from the sun breaks out into billions of colours; we share the same waters and we all eat from the soils of the same earth.

The Religious Lenses

Instead of following and practicing the teachings of our religious teachers, the majority argue about which of them is the greater and engage in meaningless fights for their religions.

That We May Be One… John 17:22.

I speak with you as a Christian whose heart is troubled at the many people who go to church daily and yet have missed the mark to what salvation is.

Religion is the teacher for morality and the ultimate goal of morality is peace. Religious leaders must, therefore lead the way to world peace by practicing oneness as taught by their teachers.

Are you being disinherited from being a child of God?

Jesus taught in Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” This clearly implies that if you are not a peacemaker you are not a child of God; you have lost salvation.

How to be a Peacemaker

A peacemaker requires three things: You must love God. You must love your neighbor. You must initiate peace.

Jesus taught, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.” Luke 10:27.  Well, the Jews know God but not sure who he meant by a neighbor. In answer to who a neighbor was Jesus gave the story of the Good Samaritan. Luke 10:30-37 . Such teaching was very revolutionary and an affront to the Jewish elders because the Samarians and the Jews were arch enemies. Jesus asked you to do likewise.

In John chapter 4, Jesus demonstrated his teachings by going to a Samaria well, speaking to a Samarian woman and asking water from their well. Jesus was such a great prophet in his days, this action was totally objectionable. Jesus showed them what it took to be a peacemaker which demonstrates that he is a true child of God. To be a child of God is the only salvation there is and that is why Jesus took the pains to demonstrate it.

The teaching is clear: Be at peace with people of other faiths, cultures or races; cross your boundaries and fraternize with them. Anything to the contrary is the teaching of the Anti-Christ.

Be a Peace Initiator

Jesus taught that if you go to God’s altar with gifts and remember that your brother has something against you, leave the gifts at the altar and go and make peace and return to your spiritual obligations. Matt. 5: 23 -24.  It is not only when you have offended someone but also when they offend you, you must take the steps to peace.

A peacemaker is a proactive revolutionary committed to building bridges, even at the peril of his life. He may lose his life, friends, reputation for the sake of peace.

When Jesus died, the disciples still practiced religious segregation. The Holy Spirit in a trance spoke to Peter, who Jesus said will be the rock upon which he will build his church, and taught him to embrace all irrespective of their race, creed or culture. Acts 10 Verses 10-35. Peter then declared: “I perceive that God is no respecter of persons and that in every land whoever does His will is accepted of Him.” So, it is he who does God’s will; not those who campaign for Jesus.

Peace be with you

Christianity and Islam emerged from the same source – Judaism and yet these religions war with each other. Jesus’ first resurrection greeting to his revered disciples was, “Peace be with you”. John 20: 26. The great prophet, Mohammed (PBUH) taught his followers to greet everyone saying, “Salamalekum” which means, “Peace be unto you.”

The True Christian

Christianity is not a way of doing certain things; it is a certain way of doing all things. If you are not a peacemaker, you are not a child of God and not a true Christian.

  1. Jesus taught, “Not all those who say lord, lord, but those who do the will of God” shall have salvation. Matt. 7: 21. The will of any father is for you to behave honourably as his child and the will of God is for you to be His child by being a peacemaker.
  2. Not those who do miracles. Some will say that they healed in Jesus’ name but Jesus said he will deny knowledge of them and described them as workers of iniquity. Matt. 7: 21-23. Not those who performed miracles, but those who practice peacemaking are the children of God.

If you perform miracles or go after miracles and do not practice peacemaking you lose your salvation.

That We May Be One

Let’s come together as one family of God. Let’s stop the presence that we are divided or enemies just because of our tribes, culture, religion or race.

We are one: We eat from the same bowl of Mother Nature and in fact, the yam you eat may come from the same village where mine comes from.

We are one: We breathe the same air even though we have different shapes of noses. And the Air you breathe now may be coming from the nostrils of a Moslem, Hindu or Traditionalist.

We are one: We share the same water, sunlight…  We Are One! John 17:22.

The road to damnation is broad and many walk it; the road to salvation is narrow and I hope you find it. Matt. 7: 13-15

The Practice of Religious Oneness

There is only one religion whose name is Truth and whose message is Love. – Bro. Ishmael Tetteh

The world is at war with itself and the cause is religion. The origin of the word Religion is ‘re-ligare,’ meaning to bring together, yoke or join. Instead, religion has separated families, rendered people homeless and many more have become refugees.

The common denominator of all religious teachings is that God is and that He is the creator or source of all mankind and of the entire universe. It will be a shame to all of the religious bodies to fail to practice the love they all expound beyond the boundaries of their religions. All religions agree that Love is God in expression. Love is the discipline of seeing the good and the divine or the possible good and the divine in yourself and in all of life.

If we put our religious creeds and belief aside and teach the principles of Love and non-condemnation as espoused by all the religious founders, there will be peace. The focus must be on ways of practicing these principles.

It will no more be what religion you belong to; it is who you are in that religion. For example, you will not need to say I am a Christian or Moslem; you will need to say, I am a loving person or a counselling person.

Oneness of life is abundantly taught by Nature and Nature runs through all the religions. Oneness is so important that the Bible taught it before Jesus Christ in Psalm 133: 1, saying that it is beautiful for brothers to live in unity. Jesus taught it in the story of the Good Samaritan and practically demonstrated in his encounter with the woman of Samaria as recorded in John 4. After the death of Jesus when his foundation minister, Peter, would practice segregation, the Holy Spirit ministered unto him in a dream and he woke up with a declaration that, “God is no respecter of persons and that in every land whoever does his will is accepted of him (Acts 10:34).”. And Paul taught in Ephesians that we should endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit and that there is One Faith, One Hope, One Baptism; One God who is within all, through all and in all people (Ephesians 4:2-6).

In truth we are all one because we breathe the same air, eat from the same bowl of mother earth, the yam you eat and the yam I eat may come from the same soil and farm of Asesewa or Bawku. In actual fact, the air you are breathing now may have come from my nostrils just moments or a year ago. The water that I released from my body that rose as clouds is the same water that rained on your land.

We are one: We eat from the same bowl of Mother Nature and in fact, the yam or potato you eat may come from the same village where mine comes from.

We are one: We breathe the same air even though we have different shapes of noses. And the air you breathe now may be coming from the nostrils of people of another tribe, race, religious creed such as the Moslem, Hindu or Traditionalist or political divide. It is like condemning a person because his nose is different from yours; you all breathe the same air irrespective of the shapes of your noses.

We are one: Though the air is different from the earth in substance and nature and the earth is different from the water in substance and nature; and the water is different from the sunlight in substance and nature, the sunlight is different in nature from the air; in fact, Each of these elements is totally different from the other, yet, the four must exist together for Life to be. They must bond in oneness, seeing their reflections in each other for life to exist on earth.

We are one: The One light of the sun contains all the different infinite spectrum of colours.

We are one: We share the same water, sunlight…  We Are One! John 17:22. And the ray of light that is shining on you now is the one that was shining on the person of the other race, religious creed or culture, because the earth is rotating making us share the one sun. The One sun shines upon all of humanity.

The Organs in the body are different yet one. We need the differences to create life. The heart alone or the brain alone cannot form a body.

You cannot escape from the unity but you can be unconscious of it and lose energy and power.

We are one: We breathe the same air even though we have different shapes of noses. What we need to promote are the principles of Love and non-condemnation and not our religions. Whatever you condemn, your past or the demands of posterity condemns you by it because there was when you did not have the knowledge and the abilities you now have and there will be a time  when you will be deficient in  a knowledge and ability that others have.

Love is seeing the good and the divine in you and in all. Its practice is peace.

Peace Practice Tools: The Socrates Filter

You Can Be Made or Marred By Information

You are a field of information and you make your soul by your choices of information and how you use them. If the information you receive incites negative emotions such as anger, hate, fear or resentment, that information is poisoning your body, causing disease or laying the foundation for disease; it is blinding you to opportunities and stalling your creativity. Joyous information provides the opposites and strengthens your immune system.

In this election year, you are going to hear lots of information from the media and from friends. You give and receive information and you need a filter through which you communicate.

When a friend was eager to tell Socrates a piece of information about another, Socrates paused him and asked, “First tell me! Could you be sure that what you are about to tell me is the truth?” The reply was, no. He again asked, “what you are about to tell me is it something good?” The reply was, no. “So, you are not sure that what you are about to say is the truth and it is not something good?” It is possible that even if the information about the third person is not good, it may be a warning, so Socrates asked, ‘Is it something useful?” The response was, no. He concluded, “You are not sure that the information is true, it is not good material and it is not useful, it is therefore not worthy that you tell me or anyone else.”

Whatever information you give or receive, ask yourself the three filter questions.

  1. Can I be sure that this is absolutely true? No matter what your source of information is, if you cannot be personally sure that it is true, subject it to further analysis.
  2. Is the information something good? Good information going from you or coming to you grows your soul. Bad information puts you into fear, anger, shame or guilt and these reduce you. Usually people with malicious news about others are very eager to offload their infectious evil cargo and you must not allow these seed to be planted in your mind.
  3. Is the information beneficial?

What goes from you is beneficial if it promotes your life and the life of others who hear it. What came to you is beneficial if it is proven to have improved the lives of the senders and has the potential to improve yours.

If the information does not pass the three tests, dump it in your mental waste basket.

Do not be wasted by being an information waste basket.

Noble Thoughts

What peaceful and noble reasons do I have for me for the thought I am thinking.

Thought produces action that produces your behavior that produces your attitude that produces your nature that produces your destiny. You are in charge of your destiny by being in charge of your thoughts.

Whatever thoughts is brought to you by any internal or external information, ask yourself “What peaceful and progressive reasons do I have for me for the thoughts I am thinking about this person or event?” If the thoughts are not going to give you peace and progress, dump it in your mental waste basket.

The Possibility of Peace

Contrary to the pessimism of many, peace is possible and we have seen its possibilities on the sands of time.

“In my lifetime, I have seen the cold war dissolved, I have seen the Berlin wall come down, I have seen Apartheid dismantled, I have seen the man of color in the White House and I have seen Grass root movement through social media topple governments. In our lifetime, we can come together and topple ignorance and redirect civilization towards the celebration of diversity in Oneness.”

Essential Life Education (ELED) is the science of Self-Discovery and Life Mastery. It focuses on Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship. With ELED, you discover why you and others are the way you are and do the things you do; and when you know how you operate it would be easy to know how others operate to engender harmonious cooperation.

Brick & Metal Civilization

Our present civilization, while providing us a lot of benefits has also been a source of great harm to humanity.  With the support of material science, we have developed very advanced transport and communication infrastructure. We have created virtual linkages that have turned the world into a global village. As we continue to make improvements in our relationship with our outer space and the virtual world, we fail to consider the collorary damages to our environment and social fabric.  Again, our senses are so directed outwards we know so much about the world around us and know very little about the world within us. We increasingly explore outer space and yet have no knowledge about our individual inner spaces.

All the material things we possess are unable to satisfy our sensual appetites.  We have bigger and better houses but more broken homes. We have the abilities to communicate with one another at the speed of light but do not have the ability to connect with each other’s soul or understand one another.

With the passing of time, our expectation to develop better relationships with one another for greater joy and community living, remain a fleeting illusion. Religion has failed in its primary role of bringing people together and has become a tool for fuelling suspicion, hatred and division amongst us. Likewise political leadership has failed to improve the lots of our peoples. International relationships have turned into roundtables of war talk and conflict resolution. Yet, peace treaties signed every now and again are blown apart like thin veneers covering volcanoes of   anger, fear and greed that remain bottled up in the very promoters of peace.

Creating harmonious relationship has become a subject of trial and error.  Several relationships including marriages are like broken pots that are constantly being mended. Your parents raised you by trial and error and your children are not to expect anything better. There are numerous teenage mothers raising children although they themselves need some parental upbringing.

Essential Life Education

We are living in a tower of Babel whose collapse is imminent unless we initiate an urgent turnaround from brick and metal civilization to a more humanist civilization. Can you imagine where the entire World would be heading when an angry president decided to press the button to a nuclear warhead? Don’t consider this to be remote and far removed from you. We have witnessed to world wars in the last century alone and who would think about an Arab spring in the last couple of years?

Our lives and our future depend on our relationships – with ourselves, with other people and the natural environment. To be able to effectively relate to others, you must necessarily understand how they operate; but the good thing is that we humans draw from the same pool of experiences and as such your experiences as an individual differs from the next person only according to degree.

Like everybody else you experience love, anger, hatred and the like. You experience the effects of time, energy, space and circumstances and have reacted to situations like everyone else would. Consequently, knowing how you operate and relate provides a key to understanding how others operate and relate; and this is Essential Life Education. With this, you are set to read and understand others and relate with them harmoniously.  If you realise that international relationships are merely interpersonal relationship across borders, and then you can see how easily personal inner peace can catalyze global peace.

In a world where we have ignored things that are essential to our life as humans, Essential Life Education is your passport to the inner harmony required for the eventual realisation of world peace – a state where you have identified your innate potentials and are freely expressing them.

The primary object of Essential Life Education is the provision of:

Knowledge of Self

This is the knowledge of what you are as a being that operates through Gender, Persona and Senses seeking to fulfill Spiritual, Sociological, Psychological, Physiological and Financial quests within the constraints of Time, Energy, Space and Circumstances.

Gender, Persona and your Senses constitute your inner GPS that aids you to navigate through the labyrinth of social, economic and environmental relationships in ways that fulfill your life quests in an enjoyable, honorable and harmonious manner.

Gender identity is the masculine or feminine behavioral characteristics that typify the various roles we play as male or female. The biological functional differences between the sexes translate into psychological differences hence our assertion that ‘your psychology is in your biology’. The study of gender under Essential Life Education helps you to identify those behaviours you exhibit that draw parallels from your biological constitution and conduct. The learning material aims to bring you to the realisation that our opposite gender roles as male and female beings complement each other for the realisation of our full potentials as humans.  Accepting what you are in your gender as a male female being is the first step to knowing how to activate and actualise the potentials hidden in you as a male-female being.

Persona is your actual self or core identity. It is your persona that expresses its masculine and feminine potentials through your Gender attributes. It receives and gives communication to your inner and outer worlds using the Senses as gateways. The Forces of Expressions are the life drives or quests that the Persona operates through to enrich itself and influence its environment; and the Forces of Life are the resources that the Persona finds itself in and uses for its life existence and expression on earth. Your persona is your unique expression of the divine trinity of Creativity, Love and Intelligence. The ELED material on Persona opens you to being conscious of and identifying those forces of good that operate through you to engage in certain noble acts like generosity, counselling and care among others.

Senses are your five organs of perception – sight, taste, smell hearing and touch – that serve as gateways through which you communicate with the world around you. They largely influence the choices you make. Can you recall how many times you bought items in the store only to realise you did not need them. You were driven by your senses.  To drive the point home much deeper, try this experiment: as you chew up a portion of your favorite meal, spit it out and try eating it once more. You will realize that the sense of sight objects to your tasting the very morsel you had enjoyed chewing moments before. This goes to show how the senses dominate us. Essential Life Education teaches you how to discover your dominant sense(s), how to develop will power to overmaster them and develop the minor sense to mitigate the compulsions of the dominant sense(s)

From the interplay of the three forces that constitute your being you gain an understanding of how you operate as an individual and you become more willing to cooperate with others in building relationships for your mutual benefits and supporting the entire human race.

The Study of Relationship

Relationship occurs when two or more people come together to share the forces of their being, the forces of their expression within the constraint of time, energy space circumstance otherwise called Forces of Life. We also relate with the environment.

The three major blocks of relationship are Social, Economic and Environmental.

  1. Social Relationships which include Friendships, Courtships Marriage, Parenting, Family and Community Building. These are topics on their own in the ELED curriculum.
  2. Economic Relationships which embodies relationship with money and all businesses and include, the Employer-Employee, Service Provider-Consumers; Manufacturer-Distributor; Shareholder-Management; Superior-Subordinate relationships
  • Environmental Relationship, which include our relationship with Nature, the exploitation and wise use of the resources earth such as mining of all minerals, management of the Ecological system and the inventions that serve the good of humanity and nature; the Forests, and the Elements of Air, Sunlight, Water and the Earth as a whole as well as our relationship with the heavenly bodies such as the moons, planets and the universe we live in.

For the successful initiation for any type of relationship, these forces must come into play as standard rules:

  • The knowledge of the Forces of Your Being which are who and what you are in your Gender, Person and Senses,
  • The knowledge of the Forces of Your Expression which are your Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial pursuits and
  • The knowledge of the Forces of Life which are Time, Energy, Space and Circumstance.

The amount of the Forces of Life (TESC) all parties have in their Forces of Being (GPS) to participate in the Forces of Expression (SSPPF) of each other will determine the type of relationship they must engage in; whether the relationship will have to be friendship, acquaintance, platonic, romantic, non-romantic, business and so on. So, the questions all parties must ask themselves are:

Who and what am I in my Gender, Persona and Senses, what are my Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial needs and how much Time, Energy, Space and Circumstance do I have to participate in this person’s Gender, Persona and Senses as well as their  Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial needs

You can provide a child with a manual for fixing televisions, and he would be able to fix the television by following the instructions. However there are no guidelines that a thirteen years old mother may use to raise her child. This speaks of the Brick a Metal civilization in which the knowledge of the individual who is supposed to enjoy the structures is ignored. This is such that the raising of our precious children is a subject left to trial and error. Is that the way to evolve society to true civilization? Essential Education is here to fill the void created by our lopsided civilization.

Benefits of Essential Life Education

The benefits are numerous. When you combine the knowledge of Gender, Persona and Senses…

  1. You will know how you operate as an individual
  2. You can quickly notice and understand how others operate and will be able to co-operate with them.
  3. You develop critical analysis skills which among other benefits, will boost your creativity and productiv­ity.
  4. You gain organic communication skills for effective relationship and productivity in the workplace.
  5. You will simply be a happier person and will avoid stress and stress-related diseases.
  6. You will be able to address and correct behavioral and attitudinal issues.
  7. You gain total life mastery and the ability to handle life more easily
  8. No one ever taught you in a systematic way, how to add value to your relationships in order to amplify your life impact as you pursue your social, spiritual, physiological, psychological or financial goals.
  9. No school taught you the art of marriage or parenting.
  10. No one ever taught you how to recognize the value of your being as male or female with the capacity for love, intelligence and creativity or even how you influence or are influenced by what you see,  touch or relate with through your sensesWith Essential Life Education, you know, understand and accept yourself. You are able to handle negative emotions and activate your potentials

You also gain the ability to know, understand and accept others, thereby improving your interpersonal relationships for the promotion of peaceful co-existence.

Essential Life Education is a revolutionary knowledge system that teaches you Relationship Skills, a necessary ingredient in our evolution that we have strangely paid little attention to in our civilization.

Our primary drive at Conscious Humanity is advocacy to promote Essential Life Education and where needed, provide the necessary learning and teaching assistance. We are also available to initiate pilot programs with institutions to showcase this knowledge and further validate value.

Successful Pilot Programs

It is inspiring to know that everywhere ELED has been introduced, remarkable results are produced. Both young and old become intrigued by the discoveries they make about themselves and that of others for which they are able to behave as well as relate effectively and efficiently.

ELED has been run on pilot basis in several educational institutions. Melrose Elementary School for Maths and Science in California USA, has adopted ELED and in their 2012 academic year assessment, the school was adjudged the best well behaved school. The authorities confirm that the positive outcome was due to the introduction of ELED into their curriculum.

Also, in 2011, Dr. Chiwoza  Bandawe , Associate Professor in Psychology, University of Malawi introduced ELED to the medical school of the university as a core subject for the 2011/2012 academic year. Assessment made on student who took the ELED program revealed that their learning skills as well as their intra and inter -personal relationships had improved. Based on this improved performance, the pharmacology students of the university have been enlisted to take the course in the 2012/2013 academic year with the expectation of ELED being rolled out to other affiliate universities.

ELED goes beyond educational enhancement to provide tools for Total Life Mastery in the areas of Personal Self-Discovery, Personality Traits, Harmonious Relationships, Healing of Marriages, Career Choice and Development, Business Choice and Development and many others.